Why Are Natural Gas Grills So Expensive?

You’ll find that natural gas grills are one of the most expensive types of grills on the market. Why is there such a dramatic price difference between these grills and propane or charcoal grills?

You need to consider a lot of things when looking for a gas grill, like where you’re going to put it, how often you’ll use it, and what size you want. But the price of the grill is a big factor in almost anyone’s decision. This article will help answer these questions and more.

There are a number of reasons why gas grills are so expensive. One is because they often have some really high-end features that make them worth their price tag. Another reason is that there’s not a lot of competition in the market, which drives prices up. 

This blog post will highlight the most prominent reasons for the high cost of natural gas grills. So, take out some time from your busy life routine and read this masterpiece that will enable you to understand the high price of natural gas grills.

Significant Features Making Natural Gas Grill Expensive

You can think of a gas grill as a luxury item, and it’s one of those products that are a pleasure to own and use, but it’s also quite expensive. Based on our in-depth research we have compiled some of the most critical factors making natural gas grills expensive. So, without any further delay, let’s dig deep into these features one by one in detail:

High-End Features

Planning to purchase a natural gas grill? You’ll probably want to spend a little more to buy one with all the latest high-end features. These features include, for example, convection heating, infrared heating, or stainless steel burners. If you can afford it, keep in mind that the grill with high-end features will cost you more than one that has standard features.

Apart from that, these higher-quality and expensive models are made to last longer, which makes them very durable. It’s always worth the money to get one with the highest quality components. Plus, an advantage of using a model with high-end features, is that it will save you more money when you buy a new fuel supply.

Installation Cost

Another reason for the higher cost of a natural gas grill is the cost of installation, which can range from $300 to $950 or more depending on how much work needs to be done. Plus, it is a bit complex to install a gas grill, because you need to make sure you have enough space to install your item, and that it doesn’t interfere with any pipes and wires.

In addition, it is recommended that you should employ a professional to install the grill instead of doing it by yourself. It takes about 3 hours to install it, and that costs you additional bucks, making the product more costly. 

Premium Fittings

Premium fittings have the ultimate standard
Gas Grill Premium fittings have the ultimate standard

Natural gas grills are not only high quality, but their premium fittings have the ultimate standard, making it impossible for even a nut to be misplaced.

The lid of this gas grill prevents heat from escaping, trapping it instead inside the housing and protecting it from any other form of heat. Moreover, the premium design is worth the buy, because all parts are fitted tightly with no movement, meaning no air escaping and causing a severe rise in temperature and humidity.

Quality Material 

The steel used for constructing natural gas grills is usually stainless, which is resistant to rust and heavy-duty, making it the perfect option for most gas grill makers. Likewise, the grill has parts made with high-end materials, including plastic parts that are unbreakable. 

Furthermore, the cooking grate on these grills is resistant to food residue and has a drip pan that catches the drippings from the food adding further value to the product.

Built-in LED

Gas Grill built-in LED
Gas Grill built-in LED

With a built-in LED, this type of grill is not only energy efficient but also offers a sleek look. You don’t need to install or arrange any extra lighting, in the presence of a built-in LED. The sparkling light of the LED gives a nice warm glow to the interior of the grill, which makes it easy to cook food especially late at night.

Another advantage of having this built-in feature is that you acquire an aesthetic atmosphere while grilling. It makes the food look great when it is cooked, and you can make your food pop out, even more, when you are using this type of grill. However, on the downside, this feature raises the cost exceptionally.

Cons of a Natural Gas Grill

  • One of the main cons of a natural gas grill is that it can be really very expensive, making it difficult to buy for middle-class people.
  • Also, they require a lot of maintenance, such as regularly checking and cleaning the burner, which can be a big hassle at times.
  • Additionally, if there’s a problem with the gas line, it can be dangerous.
  • Natural gas grills also give off harmful fumes, so it’s important to make sure that there’s plenty of ventilation when using one.
  • They require natural gas for operation, which can be expensive to run compared to other fuels.
  • Plus, they give off carbon monoxide, which can be deadly if inhaled in large quantities.
  • Depending on the size and number of burners, natural gas grills can consume a lot of propellants.

Natural Gas Grills: Are They Worth the Money

Natural gas grills are definitely worth the money. They offer a number of benefits that make them worth the investment. These grills heat up quickly and evenly, so you can start cooking right away. Moreover, they’re also easy to control, so you can avoid overcooking your food.

For one, they also tend to be more consistent in terms of the heat they produce, which means that your food will be cooked more evenly. Additionally, since they use natural gas, they’re more environmentally friendly than other types of grills.

Finally, natural gas grills tend to be more durable and last longer than their competitors, so you will not have to replace your grill as often and get your money’s worth in the long run.

Top 5 Natural Gas Grills in 2022

Grilling is becoming more and more eminent as a way to cook food. If you are looking to purchase a new grill, you might be having a hard time deciding which type of grill would work best for you and your cooking and late-night craving needs. That’s okay! here, we are going to provide the top 5 natural gas grills in 2022 that will meet all your grilling needs. Take a look at these five grills. We’ve ranked them based on price, from highest to lowest.

  1. Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Natural Gas Outlaw Grill: $1,469.00
  2. Weber Genesis II E-315 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill: $829.00
  3. Dyna-Glo Premier 5-Burner Natural Gas Grill: $799.00
  4. Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill: $738.00
  5. Dyna-Glo Premier 2-Burner Natural Gas Grill: $387.20


If you’re in the market for a new grill, you’ve probably noticed that natural gas grills tend to be more expensive than their counterparts. There are a few reasons for this as already mentioned in the article above. 

First, natural gas is generally more expensive than propane, so the initial cost of setting up a natural gas grill is higher. Second, these kinds of grills require special installation and connections, which can add to the overall cost. Finally, natural gas grills tend to be larger and have more features than propane grills and other rival products, which also contributes to the higher price tag.

So, if you’re wondering why natural gas grills are so expensive, now you know the whole story. But despite the higher initial cost, many people find that the long-term savings and convenience of natural gas make it worth the investment.

We hope that you have liked this article, and please share your experiences if you have used or are using a natural gas grill at your home or restaurant. Looking forward to seeing your comments in the comment section of this blog. Thanks for reading.